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Hello all,

I enjoy reading the history of games and how DotA came to be. Going through old maps, I've discovered some neat things I'll like to share with you all. The following is a general list of all the current DotA heroes and their concepts’ progression throughout these years. Please feel free to comment and suggest changes to this list. You can also join me in excavating the past DotA maps by downloading the old maps here, courtesy of Captain Planet. For more in-depth details regarding recent hero tweaks and changes please see this excellent list maintained by Mordax, as well as this comprehensive summary of changelogs by Anura.

Complete: at this point these heroes retain largely the same skills they do today, with of course tweaking on how the skills work.
Mostly Complete: at this point these heroes have had one/two of their abilities replaced between then and now.
Signature: at this point these heroes only had their 'signature' skill that makes them what they are, such as Rikimaru’s Permanent Invisibility. This is a subjective measure.
Remade: these heroes were completely remade by Icefrog. Their old selves are not listed.
Original: these heroes were made (and remade) during Icefrog’s tenure, the newest additions to our family!

Reign of Chaos Heroes:
Juggernaut (Signature) – Blade Dance, Ulti Blade Fury
Lich (Mostly Complete) – Frost Nova, Dark Ritual, Frost Armor

Heroes under Eul (with Kegsta, Fluffy_Bunny etc.): Original DotA
Bone Fletcher (Mostly Complete) – Visible Windwalk, Strafe, Searing Arrows
Crystal Maiden (Mostly Complete) – Crystal Nova, Frostbite, Small Brilliance Aura
Dragon Knight (Complete)
Juggernaut (Mostly Complete) – + Healing Ward
Moon Rider (Mostly Complete) – Lucent Beam, Trueshot Lunar Blessing, Eclipse
Magnataur (Signature) – Reverse Polarity
Omniknight (Complete)
Stealth Assassin (Signature) – Permanent Invisibility
Sniper (Signature) – Non-Ulti Assassinate, Headshot
Tormented Soul (Complete)
Troll Warlord (Signature) – No-bash Berserker Rage

The Frozen Throne Heroes:
Alchemist (Signature) – Non-Ulti Chemical Rage, Small Acid Spray
Beastmaster (Signature) – Boar & Hawk Call of the Wild
Neurbian Assassin (Signature) – Impale, Passive Spiked Carapace
Pandaren Brewmaster (Mostly Complete) – Drunken Haze, Drunken Brawler, Primal Split
Queen of Pain (Mostly Complete) – Shadow Strike, Blink, Scream of Pain
Shadow Shaman (Signature) – Voodoo, Non-Ulti Serpent Ward

All-stars Heroes (TFT DotA 7.0, Darkness Falls DotA, TX DotA, DX DotA): ?-0.96b
Broodmother (Signature) – Web, Spawn Spiderlings
Death Prophet (Signature) – Carrion Swarm, Silence
Demon Witch (Complete)
Doombringer (Signature) – Doom
Faceless Void (Signature) – Backtrack, Timelock, Mapwide Chronosphere
Neurbian Assassin (Mostly Complete) – Vendetta, Mana Burn
Prophet (Signature) – Root Sprout, Teleportation, Force of Nature
Rogue Knight (Mostly Complete) – Storm Bolt, Great Cleave, God’s Strength
Shadow Shaman (Complete)
Skeleton King (Complete)
Slayer (Mostly Complete) – Dragon Slave, Light Strike Array, Laguna Blade
Slithereen Guard (Signature) – Slithereen Crush, Bash

Heroes under Guinsoo (taken from various sources): 2.60–5.84b
Anti-Mage (Mostly Complete) – Mana Break, Blink, Togglable Spell Shield, Mana Void
Bane Elemental (Complete)
Bone Fletcher (Complete)
Bounty Hunter (Complete)*
Broodmother (Complete)
Butcher (Complete)
Centaur Warchief (Complete)
Chaos Knight (Mostly Complete) – Chaos Bolt, Random Critical Strike, Phantasm
Crystal Maiden (Complete)
Death Prophet (Complete)
Doombringer (Mostly Complete) – + Devour, Lvl? Death
Drow Ranger (Complete)
Gorgon (Signature) – Mana Shield, Ulti Splitshot
Juggernaut (Complete)
Keeper of the Light (Mostly Complete) – Illuminate, Spellcast Mana Leak, Chakra Magic
Lich (Complete)
Lone Druid (Complete)
Lord of Olympia (Complete)
Lycanthrope (Complete)
Magnataur (Mostly Complete) – Shockwave, No-splash Empower
Moon Rider(Complete)
Morphling (Signature) – Morph
Naga Siren (Mostly Complete) – Mirror Image, Ensnare, Song of the Siren
Necrolyte (Mostly Complete) – Death Pulse, Castable Heartstopper, Sadist, Reaper’s Scythe
Nightstalker (Complete)
Oblivion (Complete)
Ogre Magi (Mostly Complete) – Fireblast, Bloodlust, Automatic Multicast
Pandaren Brewmaster (Complete)
Phantom Assassin (Signature) – Permanent Blur, Coup de Grace
Prophet (Complete)
Queen of Pain (Complete)
Sand King (Signature) – Burrowstrike, Epicenter
Slithereen Guard (Complete)
Dwarven Sniper (Complete)
Soul Keeper (Mostly Complete) – Metamorphosis, Sunder
Goblin Techies (Complete)
Tidehunter (Complete)
Tinker (Complete)
Treant Protecter (Mostly Complete) – Nature’s Guise, Castable Living Armor, Overgrowth
Troll Warlord (Signature) – +Bash Berserker Rage
Ursa Warrior (Complete)
Vengeful Spirit (Complete)
Venomancer (Mostly Complete) – Poison Sting, Plague Ward, Poison Nova

Heroes under Neichus (with Icefrog): 6.0–6.08
Axe (Complete)
Bristleback (Mostly Complete) – Viscous N Goo, Quill Spray, No-spray Bback, Attack Warpath
Doombringer (Mostly Complete) – + No-moving Scorched Earth
Earthshaker (Complete)
Enchantress (Mostly Complete) – Non-Ulti Impetus, Enchant, Nature’s A, Ulti Untouchable
Enigma (Complete)
Gorgon (Mostly Complete) – + Splitshot, Stone Gaze
Necro’lic (Signature) – Grave Chill, Summon 7 Familiars
Necrolyte (Complete)
Nerubian Weaver (Mostly Complete) – Shukuchi, Germinate Attack, Time Lapse
Ogre Magi (Complete)
Phantom Lancer (Mostly Complete) – Crippling Spirit Lance, Doppelwalk, Juxtapose, P Edge
Sand King (Complete)
Shadow Fiend (Mostly Complete) – Shadowraze, Necromastery, Presence of the Dark Lord
Spiritbreaker (Complete)
Stealth Assassin (Complete)
Stone Giant (Complete)

Heroes under Icefrog: 6.09+
Admiral (Original)
Alchemist (Complete)
Ancient Apparition (Original)
Anti-Mage (Complete)
Batrider (Original)
Beastmaster (Complete)
Bloodseeker (Remade)
Bristleback (Complete)
Chaos Knight (Complete)
Centaur Warchief (Original)
Dark Seer (Original)
Disruptor (Original)
Doombringer (Complete)
Ember Spirit (Original)
Enchantress (Complete)
Faceless Void (Complete)
Faerie Dragon (Original)
Geomancer (Original)
Goblin Shredder (Original)
Gorgon (Complete)
Grand Magus (Original)
Guardian Wisp (Original)
Gyrocopter (Original)
Holy Knight (Remade)
Invoker (Complete)
Keeper of the Light (Complete)
Legion Commander (Original)
Lifestealer (Remade)
Lightning Revenant (Remade)
Lord of Avernus (Original)
Magnataur (Complete)
Morphling (Complete)
Murloc Nightcrawler (Original)
Naga Siren (Complete)
Necro’lic (Complete)
Neurbian Assassin (Complete)
Nerubian Weaver (Complete)
Netherdrake (Remade)
Obsidian Destroyer (Original)
Phantom Assassin (Complete)
Phantom Lancer (Complete)
Phoenix (Original)
Pit Lord (Original)
Priestess of the Moon (Original)
Rogue Knight (Complete)
Sacred Warrior (Original)
Shadow Demon (Original)
Shadow Fiend (Complete)
Spiritbreaker (Remade)
Silencer (Remade)
Skywrath Mage (Original)
Slayer (Complete)
Soul Keeper (Complete)
Spectre (Original)
Storm Spirit (Original)
Tauren Chieftain (Original)
Templar Assassin (Original)
Treant Protector (Complete)
Troll Warlord (Complete)
Tuskarr (Original)
Twin-Headed Dragon (Original)
Undying (Original)
Venomancer (Complete)
Warlock (Original)
Windrunner (Original)
Witch Doctor (Original)

Many thanks to: laikzasve, Chairraider, Heroico, Bodge, NoThlnG, Captain Planet, Mordax, Anura